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The 3rd Aquaphotomics European Conference
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ー 2023年11月末まで ● 8/30 達成!

 2017年7月7日、水と光の関係性を全て紐解く最先端科学分野、アクアフォトミクスの研究から観えてくるいのちの見事な仕組みに感動し、未来への可能性を見出した有志によって一般財団法人 月のしずくは発足しました。早いもので今年で満6年を迎えます。



一口 100,000円 限定30口

  • エンドクレジットへのお名前掲載

  • 財団ホームページへのお名前掲載

  • 2023/12/17〜18(日・月) ヨーロッパ学会報告会@天然温泉ゆの里 (1泊2日2食付) へお一人様ご招待

※お水の宿このの 基本相部屋となります旨、何卒ご了承ください



一口 50,000円

  • エンドクレジットへのお名前掲載

  • 財団ホームページへのお名前掲載





一般財団法人 月のしずく

 Six years have passed since Tsuki no Shizuku Foundation was established on July 7, 2017, by a group of enthusiasts who were fascinated by a cutting-edge scientific field "Aquaphotomics" that unravels the integrated system of water and light. 

 Thanks to many individuals and associations' donations, we are able to support Aquaphotomics research in various ways; onsite interpretation and worldwide web-broadcasting of public lectures at international conferences, publishing research papers, training of young researchers, etc. In 2022, we supported 7 research papers (approximately 300,000 JPY per publication). In 2023, we have supported research students coming to Japan to study Aquaphotomics at Kobe University, venue fees for the 3rd Aquaphotomics European Conference & Summer School in Rome and many more.

 At the 3rd European conference, the first summer school will be held, and researchers from various fields worldwide will gather to learn about Aquaphotomics. We plan to document this memorable moment for future aquaphotomics resources and for further acknowledgement of its field to the public.


We appreciate your support!

●100,000 JPY (max 30 units)

 We will place your name in

  • Film End Credit

  • Supporters' list on our website

  • Invitation (1 person) to the Special gathering at Yunosato Hot Springs on Dec 17-18, 2023.

Seminar by Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova, panel discussion by Prof. Tsenkova and Mr. Shogo Shigeoka.

- dinner and breakfast included.
- accommodation: shared room

- travel cost is not included


●50,000 JPY

 We will place your name in

  • Film End Credit

  • Supporters' list on our website

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To be a monthly supporter (from 1,000 JPY)

Tsuki no shizuku Foundation

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