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❖ 一般財団法人 月のしずく とは ❖






❖ 月のしずくの活動指針 ❖



❖ なぜ「月のしずく」なのか? ❖




❖ 役員 ❖

                                代表理事 / 三浦 通澪湖

                                副代表理事 / 久保 倫子

                                理事 / 岡本 敬司

                                監事 / 本田 壽秀

                                評議員 / 奥 幸治

                                評議員 / 河北 剛

                                評議員 / 山中 伸一

                                評議員 / 江藤 徳晃

                                評議員 / 山口哲史

❖ Tsuki no Shizuku Foundation ❖

It was established in 2017 to support Aquaphotomics research and educational opportunities, as well as technological developments.   


The foundation will connect you with the cutting-edge research sites of water and light, and will also play a role in quickly communicating and putting into practical use the role of water that can be seen through Aquaphotomics and the mechanism of life.

We graciously accept donations to help Aquaphotomics fulfill its potential to inform and guide us to a better world.

Click here to Support Research


❖ Tsuki no Shizuku activity guideline ❖

● Support for international basic research, applied research, dissertation, patent acquisition, academic societies, technology development, etc. in aquaphotomics

● Fostering researchers and enhancing educational institutions

● Popularization of Aquagram (common language / sign) that expresses the function of water through the structure of water

❖ Why Tsuki no Shizuku? ❖

The image of the Japanese character "Tsuki (moon)" is associated with light crating life.   While "Shizuku (drop)" is associated with water receiving light information. 

In other words, "Moonlight is imprinting the breath of the universe into the water structure." 


❖ Board of Directors ❖

                             Chairperson / Tomoko MataHari Miula

                             Vice Chairperson / Tomoko Kubo

                             Members / Keiji Okamoto

                             Auditor / Toshihide Honda

 ❖ Board of Councilors ❖

                             Councilors / Oki Koji

                             Councilors / Tsuyoshi Kawakita

                             Councilors / Shinichi Yamanaka

                             Councilors / Noriaki Eto

                             Councillors / Tetsushi Yamaguchi

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